Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where Am I??

i'm sure you all have been wondering where my majestic self has been. i've taken on nursing apparently. the humans have been non stop sick for two months. not just one or two of them either. all seven of them. so i have to take care of them. im not even getting paid!! my human has helped a little when she can but she's pretty useless to be quite honest. she did make it to the goat farm a couple times to see her kids of the season. ill post some pictures soon cause they are beautiful. lots of blue eyes this year. i guess thats a big deal. i don't really think so though. i think they look a little creeeeepy. horror show goats. okay well i have to go make tea for the humans throat. i hope you all are well and ill be back soon, i hope.

gerald the nurse goat