Tuesday, May 3, 2011

osama bin laden

well whether he is alive, dead recently, or an old rotting corpse i must say this reeks of conspiracy of some kind. i kinda think the timing, being during obamas presidency, is the main part of the conspiracy. how convenient that the biggest doof be in presidency when this ass is killed. he doesn't deserve credit for this. even if it is true. the men that coordinate, strategize and go in and do the deed are the ones that deserve recognition. i can see him stroking his ego now. makes me ill. i'd puke if i could.

now if this is true then cool. but obama has no place in something he never started and wanted nothing to with. at re-election time he'll remind us all how fabulous he thinks he is. gag. so thats really all i have to say about this topic.

to sum it up, its a bunch of RUBBISH in some form or the other. ,

and yes i basically repeated myself in the second part using different words, redundant.

gerald the bad blogging goat