Friday, March 28, 2008

I Love Them!!!

she finally got them!! i asked for temptaions because eric and flynn siad i might like those. like them? no way, i LOVE them!!! these are the best things i've ever had. i couldn't stop eating them. mom let me gorge a little cause she was so happy to find a treat i like. she took them so i would have some for later. these are nothing like those nasty pounce play-doh textered globs of gross. crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside!! oh my goodness i am in treat heaven. she said i didn't have to share either!! we don't force sharing cause it should be a heart thing. i will share cause i want kira, pepper, tiger(we think he is a she), oswald, and mr. robinson to experience this magnificent snack. the best part is they have them in the nearest town. she goes there alot so i don't have to wait for her to go to "big town". plus she said they were only one dollar. they only have the chicken flavor though. she did say when she goes to big town she would pick me up another flavor so i don't get sick of them. she's so nice. plus then there will be plenty for all of us!! she didn't charge the camera so the pics aren't the best ones she could have taken. you'd think she would have been more prepared for such a joyous occasion. oh well i got them and that is all that matters! thanks eric and flynn!!

hmmmm, i wonder what this is?

yummy! pepper tried to get some but i was in the way.

oh these are so good. pepper decided to watch instead. you can see her feet.

it's blurred cause i bumped the bag with my nose to make more come out!

mmmmm......thanks mom, eric and flynn. these are the best!!

penelope the very satisfied cat

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Kitty Friends!

here are the kittens that had a rough start. the black and white one, oswald, had the deformed back legs. look at him now! he is doing great. his back legs do seem a tad bit longer than they should be and he might walk just a bit different but unless you know it, he seems normal. his brothers name is tiger. he tried to come out at the same time as oswald. oswalds tail was out and tigers feet were out. very confusing. they were pretty stuck. luckily they lived unlike the one that died. don't kill your kittens if their back legs are messed up!!

his eyes are still a little yucky but the vet rx is definitely helping

oswald was dipping his feet in the water dish. that's for the dogs so they must not have felt like climbing the gate.

oswald was getting ready to attack his brother

aren't his legs cute. he's really fuzzy and soft. i think he'll have longer hair then us regular cats!
oswald, tiger, and i sleep together when i'm not with the bunnies. i got to take them out to play the other day but they had to stay in the front.

Quack! Quack!

oh yummy! we have quacks. there are only two but they will make more if they are boy and girl. if not the eggs will be yummy. i want more so i am certain to get a duck dinner! they are white pekin ducks. the most popular meat duck in the u.s. being patient is so hard. the human promises the wait will be worth it. if i kill anything i get nothing!! i don't think that is fair. i am a cat afterall. i have needs and instincts. give me duck or die!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Goat! It's What's for Dinner!

we had goat shanks for easter dinner. the human had never had goat before so she thought she should try it to see if they will be eating their goats. the answer is yes, some of the goats will be food! gerald, you better hide. the goat shanks were very yummy! it looks like vomit in the pan but that's just the veggies it was cooked with! i highly suggest goat to anyone who has never had it. the recipe was very easy. the meat turned out very tender! EAT GOAT!! oh and it doesn't taste like chicken.

hmmm, what's in there?

yummy, goat shanks!

penelope the goat eating cat

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Me and Lilly!

i am the only one she is nice to. she doesn't like the other rabbits anymore. my human hopes that is because she is pregnant. she used to be nice to the other girl bunnies. i don't care about them. i'm just glad she still lets me cuddle with her.
penelope the bunny loving cat

I Really Do Love Those Bunnies!!

this is me with lylah. she is one of humans favorite rabbits. the satin sh is mixed with makes her super soft. i was kneading her. the human asked if maybe i wasn't tenderizing her. i am so offended at that suggestion!! i ended up sleeping with her for about three hours. then someone kicked me out!! mean, very mean!!


Friday, March 21, 2008

Gerald Started Waking Up!!

and then i whacked him on the head!! i just can't have him ruining things for me right now. the traffic is up. if he gets on here running his big furry mouth then i will hardly get to post. it's really better that way. i don't think he will remember it was me. i don't even think he saw me. shhh!

penelope the goat whacking cat

More of Me!!!

yes i definitely think i should get to take over! can you believe i did something cute AGAIN! i know, it's amazing!!

that's me in the goats hay bucket. i eventually curled up and slept in it. in the pic i'm watching the other cats walk by. i bet they are jealous that i found such a perfect place to sleep and got my picture taken because of it. i know i'm the favorite!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm So Cute

it's fun not having gerald around to hog the computer. i get to post tons of pictures of me being cute. here i am sleeping with bunnies. i love bunnies!

oh and here i am sleeping in the alfalfa pellet bag. my human about had a heart attack when she reached in and grabbed me instead of the scoop! hahaha

well i better go do some more cute stuff that is picture worthy! maybe i can just take over this place for good. we don't need gerald the majestic dwork!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Human Got Banned From

that's right folks, she got banned from that forum for rude disruptive behaviors!! hahaha so here's is how the story goes...........there was someone wanting advice about buying feed and hay etc. for goats. they'd gone to a feed store and left confused. some of the replies are as follows. this is in regards to an employee that gave advice based off of what he'd been told or otherwise.

"He's and idiot, you want alfalfa, remember people working at feed stores and TSC are employees, who may know a lot, or know just enough to be dangerous. No, he's wrong, grass hay is for horses and cows, NOT GOATS! The people buying grass for goats when alfalfa is available just don't know any better!! "

her reply to these puffed ego's was as follows....

"well i guess i'm just a big dumbass cause my goats get bermuda GRASS hay and alfalfa hay is available to me BUT they get alfalfa pellets. furthermore, person doing research, the people at those stores are not idiots, they are uninformed. be nice to them cause they might just find a part you are looking for or know the number of someone local that might just help you one day. no one is an expert and those claiming to be are snobs. you will NEVER hear the same thing in regards to goats, rabbits, chickens, fish, children etc. so take it all in and then decide what best fits you. around here the goat people feed their goats dairy cow feed. i personally wouldn't, but hey, not my goat."

and this too

"one more thing, what i did is found two people i highly respect that have goats. one is my dealer and the other one does things completely different. i get my info from both of them. if i have a concern i email both of them combine their advice and go from there. then it's easier to figure it out rather than having fifty people tell you fifty different things. the end result of that is pattern baldness from pulling out your hair. "

now what is rude and disruptive about that. she could have said what she really thought to the people who put dresses on their goats, let them run around the house, and call them baby girl!! not to mention the general attitude at forums. she posted picture of two rabbits in a tub that had been breeding just to show a pic of my rabbits. some lady was allover her about how she should only leave them together for a certain amount of time and blah, blah, blah!! she was just posting a bloody picture!! some of those people are nut jobs!! of course this is the lady who wanted to charge $500 if she EVER found one of her rabbits you purchase in a shelter!!! cause you know when you buy a $25 dollar rabbit it isn't yours, it's hers.

so anyway that's her getting banned story. oh dear what will she do. she feeds her goats grass hay and she won't have the forum experts to guide her. all of us animals will surely perish!!! hahaha

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chicken With a Cut Throat

i don't know what is going on around here but my human found a chick with a cut throat. it's still alive(darnit) and my human put neosporin on it with vet wrap. when she returned the chicken to the box it started walking backwards and acting crazy. after getting a video she removed the wrap, reapplied neosporin and put chicken back. i wonder why it did that? does wrapping a chickens neck make it walk backwards. i told her to wrap them all like that and see if we could race them. of course she said no. i also asked if i could eat it since it is injured and of course she said no. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!! just wait lady, i will get revenged!!! the video quality isn't great but it's the best the camera will do.

Yummy Bunny!

here is another tasty treat we have living here. i bet she tastes yummy!! again, i was told i had to wait till butcher day! i'm tired of waiting. the human said i can't eat her anyway cause she'll be a breeder when she's old enough!! damnit! she is the perfect eating size! i'm so bloody tired of being told no all the time. they get all this live food and then say i can't have it, i have to wait!! the chickens are the perfect size for me. i'm gonna try to sneak in and get one. they will never notice! oh and my paw is pink cause i walked across wet paint.

me getting ready to smack bunny.

me looking at human asking "why?"


Sometimes I'm Nice

here i am napping with oswald the deformed cat. his legs are all better but my human discovered that on one side of him he only has half his ribcage. the rest seems to have piled up into a lump of bone. it doesn't seem to bother him though. he's a really sweet boy. i heard the human ask what me and oswald would make!!! what the? no way!! i am not having kitties!! she's crazy!!
here we are sleeping

here i am biting his ear i was trying to play but then i went back to sleep!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Can I Please Eat Them?

the human enlarged the chicken home cause the chickens are getting bigger and need more room. i want to eat one soooo bad. the human said i have to wait till they are bigger and on butcher day i will get plenty of chicken parts to eat. i jumped in anyway to practice my hunting skills. i didn't touch them but the human made me get out. she really needs to lighten up!

penelope the chicken craving cat

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Geralds Neck Injury

well here is his slit throat. not a very good picture. can hardly tell because his guts are white too. we think we can operate tomorrow since he is starting to get crabby. that means he's getting his strength back. antonio was released as he was at a save the world rally or something. too bad. the human was sleeping when it happened. we think maybe it was the dogs. but which one? we may never know. the cops won't waste their time on dog saliva tests. maybe i'll build a lab.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dear Fans,

gerald was in a terrible accident. his throat was slit in the night! we don't know who did it yet but we will find out. when he is stable we will operate. don't worry we will have photos of the operation. maybe a silent video since that's all the camera will do. antonio is in police custody for questioning. i think the human should be too. didn't she mention eating goat? i know there is some goat meat in the freezer. plus she is always threatening to kill him or eat him. she should be the number one suspect. i can't believe this happened. poor gerald.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back to the Goat Farm

i went along but she didn't take any pictures of me. i couldn't believe it when we got home and she was loading the pics. i was not in any of them!!!!! she said she couldn't find me. i was sitting on a bench the entire time!! i don't think i should have to post any of the pictures since i am not in them but the human says i have to. i suppose i will since i like goats and all. plus ginger will be coming to live with us soon and i wouldn't want her mad at me. so here we go with the pictures i'm not in.

this is ginger. we are looking forward to her arrival.

here are the boer goats. i really like those. sadly they are considered meat goats and those babies will probably end up in someones freezer.

here are some of the girls. they are nice mostly. a couple have a bit of an attitude.

these are the new baby la mancha's. my human loves the chocolate one. i think she's nuts. goats need ears!

she insisted i post two pictures of the earless freaks!!

this little guy is named cowboy. the human likes him too. did i mention IT DOESN'T HAVE ANY EARS!!!!

so that was the latest visit to the farm. there were other pictures but i was sick of arguing with the human about which ones to post.

gerald the goat with ears

Friday, March 7, 2008

Grazing With the Goat

i'm so glad we finally have one of my kind here at the house. no more lonely hours of grazing. no more rock climbing alone. yes, life is definitely looking up for this old goat. maybe when ginger gets here i'll start a family.

gerald the happy grazing goat

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lost Acre Hobby Farm

the human and i have been building a website/store. ya see, she makes aprons and customizable pillows and i make chocolate caramels. she's been selling for awhile but now that we're getting goats (yippee!) and have the rabbits and chickens we're gonna need a place to advertise. i suggested she branch out more. the site isn't done but we definitely have some stuff listed. i'll be happier when those meat rabbits get to makin babies so we can have some decent food for a change. i heard something about eating the boy goats!! how dare she?! not on my watch you crazy murdering human!!!! so anyway go check it out and buy some of my caramels, they are divine!! i strongly suggest you go with the 2lb. special.
here are spiro the satin red buck and lylah the satin/new zealand mix doe. they were breeding.
this is "goat boy" the bottle baby nigerian dwarf goat. we're getting a nigerian dwarf doe named ginger soon. she has to be bred first and then we'll have babies in august sometime!

chocolate caramels being cut. yummy!

here are the chicks. alot of them are dual purpose. chicken dinner here i come!!

gerald the chicken eating, caramel making goat

Monday, March 3, 2008

Gerald Goes to the Goat Farm!

yes, i went with the human to see the goats she's getting. it was great fun running around with my kind. there were nigerian dwarf goats, boer goats, la mancha(earless freaks), and two lambs. the lambs tried to eat the humans camera and ran off with it! i told them to. there were also turkeys, which are scary, and a bunch of chickens. the human brought one of hers home since they are already paid for. she took it from it's mother!!!! she is so mean. i must say i smell much better than he does. it's amazing what regular washing can do. well here are my pics!

me riding goats! such fun!

this is an earless freak la mancha!

me eating with the goats!

big scary turkey!

this guy was quite friendly. i wanted him to come home with us.

me watching the poultry. yum!

riding another goat. it was very nice of them to let me get around this way.

another scary turkey!
i highly recommend owning goats. we are a great animal to have around! we're goatastic!!
gerald the goat riding goat