Monday, March 3, 2008

Gerald Goes to the Goat Farm!

yes, i went with the human to see the goats she's getting. it was great fun running around with my kind. there were nigerian dwarf goats, boer goats, la mancha(earless freaks), and two lambs. the lambs tried to eat the humans camera and ran off with it! i told them to. there were also turkeys, which are scary, and a bunch of chickens. the human brought one of hers home since they are already paid for. she took it from it's mother!!!! she is so mean. i must say i smell much better than he does. it's amazing what regular washing can do. well here are my pics!

me riding goats! such fun!

this is an earless freak la mancha!

me eating with the goats!

big scary turkey!

this guy was quite friendly. i wanted him to come home with us.

me watching the poultry. yum!

riding another goat. it was very nice of them to let me get around this way.

another scary turkey!
i highly recommend owning goats. we are a great animal to have around! we're goatastic!!
gerald the goat riding goat

3 comments: said...

Hi! This is a really neat site and I love the perspective. Good humor!

Animals with Opinions said...

thanks. we are very happy you enjoy us.

gerald the humorous goat

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