Saturday, March 22, 2008

Me and Lilly!

i am the only one she is nice to. she doesn't like the other rabbits anymore. my human hopes that is because she is pregnant. she used to be nice to the other girl bunnies. i don't care about them. i'm just glad she still lets me cuddle with her.
penelope the bunny loving cat


Eric and Flynn said...

Happy Easter to you all.
You sleep with the bunnies and don't even think about what they taste like? Such willpower!! You do look very cute together though. you were wondering what treats you might like. Have you tried Temptations? They are our all time favourite.
How is Gerald, have you taken over the blog now? Well of course Cats Rule!! Give him our regards anyway.
Would you like us to mention your blog on the Cat Blogosphere? It should get you lots of visitors.
Purrs furrom Eric and Flynn

Animals with Opinions said...

yes please mention me on the cat blogosphere. that would be fun to have more cat visitors but you guys will remain my favorite! happy easter to all of you too. what did you have for dinner. we had goat shanks. very yummy!

Rascal said...

I like bunnies too! My bestest friend used to be a bunny named Rudy. We grew up together and were good friends. My mom has had other rabbits since then but none of them liked Me as well as Rudy did.

I saw about you on the Cat Blogosphere and popped over to say hi.

THE ZOO said...

aaahh thats so cute them gettin luf frum each offur. we have owtside rabbits that roam owr nayburhud and owr beans feed them along wiff the birdies and squirrals.