Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Return of the King!

oh goodness! what has happened to my beautiful blog?! bad kitty! my picture is gone, there are cute fluffy bunny pictures, and not a thing of importance has been mentioned. see what happens when you leave women in charge. vote hillary! hahaha only kidding.
anyway i know you wanted some gruesome surgery pictures but this isn't reality t.v. i will appear in pictures when my neck has healed. the important thing is that i'm back and order can return. penelope, i will thank you for at least keeping things running, and mentioning the animal i.d. thing but other than that i'm not sure how i feel about your work here. fluffy bunnies? i just don't know. it's good to be back though and that is what is important.
gerald the goat king

Friday, April 11, 2008

Before He Gets Back........

i thought i'd get some more foofy bunny pics in. here are lylahs babies just over a week old. aren't they cute. they are soooo soft. their eyes are starting to open. one of them is a chunky monkey. my human hopes it's a girl and good stock so she doesn't have to sell it or eat it. she's questioning the killing part. i told her to just find someone to kill them, slit their throats, and then hack off the head for her. after that it's just fur and meat, oh and guts. wow this is great conversation about these little furballs!! well here they are. sorry for the yuck!


Gerald's Coming Back!!

he is in the wash now. i can hear him screeming. she put it on hot. once he is dry my human is going to give him some extra guts and sew him shut. the dogs had got him, then got him again. his head was like a pez dispenser. haha if only he did give out pez. my human told him what i have been up to here. i heard carrying on about "freakin, fluffy rabbit pictures with cats?!!!" apparently, even when his head is falling off he can still run his mouth. i think his comeback blog is about his dislike for indians so this should be good. our popularity should plummet! i can't wait. i still plan to post cause without me we wouldn't have cute fluffy bunny pictures.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lilly Had Babies Too!!!

boy was this a big surprise. she had seven during the morning. my human didn't even know she was pregnant cause she figured since she was for sale at age three they had retired her for a reason. the bad thing is that they were born in the community cage and looking closely some have knicks on them. they were pretty cold when she found them but are much warmer now. hopefully all of these make it.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Then there were two

well two more baby bunnies died. she still has babies in her belly so maybe those will be okay if she ever has them.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Bunny Update

well one of the bunnies died. my human tried to save it but it wasn't having it. lylah still has babies in her belly. apparently she got pregnant at another session with spiro. everyone said the buck is supposed to fall over when he's done but he never did so my human thought they just weren't doing it right. WRONG she was!!! well hopefully no more babies die and lylah gets this over soon. my human looked a little stressed this morning. don't know why? this place is a nuthouse!! she should be used to it by now!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Baby Bunnies!

oh it's very exciting here today. lylah had her babies!!! of course she escaped and had them under the couch. my human wasn't happy because under the couch is very scary. well incase you can't count there are five plump little babies. mom and babies have been returned to their cage and mom is still trying to escape. hopefully she figures out the babies are in there with her. oh dear gotta help catch the mom again. geesh! they kind of look like hairless rats.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lylah is Getting Closer!

well lylah got her bigger mama cage. she is building her nest. they sure can carry alot of stuff in their little mouths. she was trying to build it in the goat crate but everytime the goat got put back the nest would get destroyed. after a couple days she seems to have accepted her fate that she will be building her nest in the nest box. she is due any day. you can see the babies moving around when she is laying on her side. we can't wait to see what they look like. i hope they like me as much as their mommy does.


Something Important! Say NO!! to NAIS

now look, i'm just a cat so i can't write everything out here. my human was telling me about the NAIS thing. it's a bad thing and just another way for government to control your animals too!! they can come on your property and destroy your animals and you can't do a dang thing about it. all this hype about our protection is bogus!!! sure it's just your livestock right now but soon even us cats are gonna have to get this id thingy and the dogs. if you have one rabbit they want to be able to track it. i don't think the government has any business knowing how many rabbits, cats, dogs, fish, or anything we country folk have! it will move into the neighborhoods too. the really bad thing is that now to be able to show your animals they have to have a number. so now, alot of those kids in 4H are now dropping out because they will not get this stupid id number. so just say no to this. write your congressmen and even the lower branches and tell them you don't want your state adopting this rubbish!!! here are just a couple places to go but there are several others. more than several. most people seem to be against this.

and one of my humans favorite places

get a good education from sources besides the usda. they are liars. this whole thing is ridiculous. it is voluntary but is already ruining alot of things. goodbye small farms, hobby farms, homesteading farms and alot of other good things. this will eventually become mandatory if we don't stand up for ourselves. ya know alot of other countries seem a little wacky cause when they get mad people rush into the streets protesting and catching stuff on fire but at least they are passionate. america needs to get rowled up about something and this is a good thing to get rowled up about. now please don't go catch your neighbors car on fire and hurt people. but there is nothing wrong with making yourself heard!!! if that doesn't work, then we can talk about acting crazy!!
fighting NAIS
and you should too