Friday, April 4, 2008

Bunny Update

well one of the bunnies died. my human tried to save it but it wasn't having it. lylah still has babies in her belly. apparently she got pregnant at another session with spiro. everyone said the buck is supposed to fall over when he's done but he never did so my human thought they just weren't doing it right. WRONG she was!!! well hopefully no more babies die and lylah gets this over soon. my human looked a little stressed this morning. don't know why? this place is a nuthouse!! she should be used to it by now!



Eric and Flynn said...

We hope the rest of the baby bunnies are ok. We are very proud to be their Godparents. Should we call ourselves GodUncles? We can't wait to be God Uncles to the baby kitties too. We are going to have a huge family. Will you send them to us for their holidays? We have to ask because we have never been Godparents before and we want to do it right.

Animals with Opinions said...

yeah goduncles will work just fine. send them for the holidays? probably not. i think they quarantine for awhile over there and their tickets would cost a fortune! but they will send holiday cards, b-day cards, and pictures. yes one big family!! it will be great!