Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Shearing We Will Go

this happened over the summer when my human was house sitting where her goats live temporarily. the owner of the place has this here sheep. its a jacob sheep named jacob. real origional i know. so the sheep is as wild as a pig caught in hot wire but she did manage to catch it. problem is she didn't know how to tie it up in a way to keep its head up. so they wrapped its horns to the milk stand. i was laughing so hard. poor guy. he isn't being hurt at all but it looks awful.

i would like to note that the human has never sheared anything except her legs. so anyway she proceeded to cut off mr. jacobs wool with a pair of scissors, fiskars to be exact. strange practices these humans have and i am grateful i don't have wool. he did pretty good but the human cut his testicle sac and felt pretty awful about it.

above is the finished product.. looks like a whole new sheep! luckily claire at whispering acres helped the human with this project.
gerald the anti shearing goat

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Humans Counterfeit CHI Flatiron Dilema

my human has a situation going on. it involves a CHI flat iron she bought at helmarts (wal mart) smartstyle. it did what it was supposed to do but she decided she didn't like her hair that straight and got a round brush. she then decided to sell the pricey flat iron on ebay. imagine her shock when farouk the chi makers had her auction pulled for counterfiet!!! she fought with them awhile about how it isn't a fake. then she fought with smartstyle and regis who will not refund her money cause its been longer than thirty days(she got it in july of this year). the human thinks in the case of being sold counterfeit trash the return policy shouldn't matter. farouk threatened legal action if she tries to sell the iron but does not care that smartstyle/regis is selling counterfeit irons. does that make any sense? the human also talked to the better business bureau who called it a return policy dispute. huh? so basically its okay for businesses to sell counterfeit products but not for private citizens. the human is very cranky cause she is out $100.
gerald the authentic majestic goat