Saturday, July 28, 2007


the rope is for you if you do not cooperate and let us do what we must do. oh and some of it is for climbing up and down penelopes house if need be. we're hoping we get to use the rope.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Dear Animals

y'all need to calm down! no one is going to be "napping" anyone at this point. so put your little black clothes and masks away! we don't even know if penelope is there anymore. our house was red tagged by fema so i figure her owner's was too. we will figure this mess out in a calm, rational way.

your human

p.s. gerald, what is with all the rope?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Then there were two.........

well it is just me and the moose. penelope never actually belonged to our human. penelope had an owner on the other block by our home. they call her smokey. the thing is, penelope spent more time at our house. in fact when she had her first litter of kitties she came to OUR human, NOT her was our human who helped her deliver those breech kitties!! by the time she had her second litter she was at our house 90% of the time!!!! after that she just stayed with us. it was our human who shoveled up the dead kitty remains when the dog ate some parts of them. it was our human who ordered free cat food samples for her, and free treats. it was our human who swore if they ever owned a home penelope would come with them. then came the flood. penelope's real owner found her soaking wet by their home. the flood clean up guys said they had seen her with her two kitties running around. our human saw penelope's owner at wal-mart and they didn't even know she had had kittens. so who is the real owner? we say our human. they just bought a home and we're thinking about a catnapping! doesn't she deserve to be with the people who really love her? we say yes and we will find her!!!

gerald the catnapping goat

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Flood Pictures!

well here they are. sorry we don't have any pics of penelope swimming for safety. the pictures of water are as it's receding, it was much higher. it's amazing what water can do when it fills up your home. i know we didn't leave the refrigerator on the kitchen floor when we left. the dining room table got hung up on the dining room shelves and if you look closely you can see fuzzy mold growing on the arms of the couch. the kids playhouse was in the backyard but must have floated over the white wall. looking at the pictures really doesn't do the damage justice. perhaps we can give damage awards. it is really quite shocking to leave something one way and come back a week later to see it all another way. it looked like someone picked up our house, shook it up then set it back down. i mentioned the stink before but you really had to be there. my description of the stink is to put a bunch of rotting animals and cow poo in a barrel, mix, sit in hot sun for a day, open at peak heat and there ya go!

gerald and moosey
yes that is a picture of a dead fish

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Returning on Tuesday

we will officially be back this tuesday. we are using crappy dial-up internet and we don't have the patience for that. on tuesday a nice person will come to our temp home and give us high speed. then we will tell about the flood, losing penelope(she's not dead), and post some pictures. we only wish all of you could experience the stink left behind. for now we have to sit back and watch ourselves fall towards #50 on the aussiejourno blog awards :( .

gerald and moosey

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Water World!!!

well the big flood filled our home. we don't know where poor penelope is or her kids. we hope they didn't drown. blogging will be difficult. we are in shock right now. rumor is we won't be able to check our house for over a week. we'll try to blog again when we can.

possibly the only survivor

Monday, July 2, 2007

Flooding is Making Us Leave!!

well we have to go because of flooding. we will be back soon. hopefully we can come back in a day or so. moosey is packing the boat now.

gerald the flooded goat

But Are the Fleas Gone?

if the fleas are gone then you can go back in the house, right? so what are you whining about? a little hair loss is normal for a moose your age so you can't blame the spray. honestly moosey, you show no signs of poisoning.


Human tries to Kill Moosey!!!!

you heard it here first folks, the human tried to kill me. she treated the yard for bugs and sprayed me down too!!!! it was awful. i tried to run away but she locked me in the backyard. i think my fur is falling out!!!!! gerald, you have to do something! she's gone mad!!