Sunday, June 27, 2010

Silly Goats

my human went out to her friends last weekend to visit her goats and milk some manchas. when she arrived all the kids had gotten out and were running everywhere. this guy had apparently been looking for a snack. its alot funnier when they get the pumpkin buckets on their head cause then it is like the headless goatman.
gerald the majestic goat

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good To Be Back

yes folks, it's true, i have finally returned. see the human went completely loco cause the doc gave her some pill that is supposed to help pain. alls it did was help her cry and yell alot. she was like that for two months until she finally cracked. you should have been there. it was so funny. ah but anyway this is about me, not the mental patient. you can see from the picture above that my stunt double finally arrived. boy he sure is handsome and of the best quality. i've been having him do all sorts of exciting things to perk this blog up and i can't wait to show you all. i did have to get rid of the other stunt double. he had an accident in the kitchen. guess he fell and snapped his neck. oops. well those things happen. i will now go but don't worry im here for awhile again. i do need to catch up on all of my great friends that i have missed so very much. good to see you.
gerald the "back in black" goat