Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Flood Pictures!

well here they are. sorry we don't have any pics of penelope swimming for safety. the pictures of water are as it's receding, it was much higher. it's amazing what water can do when it fills up your home. i know we didn't leave the refrigerator on the kitchen floor when we left. the dining room table got hung up on the dining room shelves and if you look closely you can see fuzzy mold growing on the arms of the couch. the kids playhouse was in the backyard but must have floated over the white wall. looking at the pictures really doesn't do the damage justice. perhaps we can give damage awards. it is really quite shocking to leave something one way and come back a week later to see it all another way. it looked like someone picked up our house, shook it up then set it back down. i mentioned the stink before but you really had to be there. my description of the stink is to put a bunch of rotting animals and cow poo in a barrel, mix, sit in hot sun for a day, open at peak heat and there ya go!

gerald and moosey
yes that is a picture of a dead fish


Catmoves said...

Oh, my. That flood left horrors and disaster behind. Sorry to see and hear about it.

Animals with Opinions said...

thanks for the "sorry". sometimes it's nice to hear that after something like that.