Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lylah is Getting Closer!

well lylah got her bigger mama cage. she is building her nest. they sure can carry alot of stuff in their little mouths. she was trying to build it in the goat crate but everytime the goat got put back the nest would get destroyed. after a couple days she seems to have accepted her fate that she will be building her nest in the nest box. she is due any day. you can see the babies moving around when she is laying on her side. we can't wait to see what they look like. i hope they like me as much as their mommy does.



Eric and Flynn said...

That's exciting Penelope. Will you be their auntie?

Animals with Opinions said...

well i guess in a sense i will. lylah has been really cuddly up till today and then she bit the human. she put her back and decided if she is that cranky we best just leave her be. i got in trouble for getting in her nest box. i couldn't help it, it's so comfy and private. oh well she said when she has a nest box free i can have one to sleep in if i want. yay!!

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