Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Something Important! Say NO!! to NAIS

now look, i'm just a cat so i can't write everything out here. my human was telling me about the NAIS thing. it's a bad thing and just another way for government to control your animals too!! they can come on your property and destroy your animals and you can't do a dang thing about it. all this hype about our protection is bogus!!! sure it's just your livestock right now but soon even us cats are gonna have to get this id thingy and the dogs. if you have one rabbit they want to be able to track it. i don't think the government has any business knowing how many rabbits, cats, dogs, fish, or anything we country folk have! it will move into the neighborhoods too. the really bad thing is that now to be able to show your animals they have to have a number. so now, alot of those kids in 4H are now dropping out because they will not get this stupid id number. so just say no to this. write your congressmen and even the lower branches and tell them you don't want your state adopting this rubbish!!! here are just a couple places to go but there are several others. more than several. most people seem to be against this.

and one of my humans favorite places

get a good education from sources besides the usda. they are liars. this whole thing is ridiculous. it is voluntary but is already ruining alot of things. goodbye small farms, hobby farms, homesteading farms and alot of other good things. this will eventually become mandatory if we don't stand up for ourselves. ya know alot of other countries seem a little wacky cause when they get mad people rush into the streets protesting and catching stuff on fire but at least they are passionate. america needs to get rowled up about something and this is a good thing to get rowled up about. now please don't go catch your neighbors car on fire and hurt people. but there is nothing wrong with making yourself heard!!! if that doesn't work, then we can talk about acting crazy!!
fighting NAIS
and you should too


Eric and Flynn said...

We're not sure what NAIS is but it sounds similar to the passports that all cattle and horses have to get in the UK. They are not allowed to be sold or transported without them. Mum sez it's a load of bull, and is she thinks that,then we agree with her.We don't like the USDA. We sent some cat treats (not Temptations)to our friends at Forty Paws in a package with stuff for their Maw and US customs confiscated them saying they were cured meat and they were a prohibited substance. Cured meat???? It was crunchies for goodness sake.!!!

Animals with Opinions said...

oh that is ridiculus. the taggin thing here is a bit like the pasport but they want to be able to tract diseases and such to protect us cause we are to stupid to off our own animals if they need it. i have to stop or i'm going to get all puffed up about it again. cured meat? that's rubbish! those bonehead customs people!!


Anonymous said...

NAIS is a business plan designed to benefit corporate ag, but the rest of us are dragged in to work and fund the program, while corporate ag gets a free ride by having one lot number per groups of animals.

I am not in the same business as big ag, but because I own horses, I am forced against my will to be part of the business plan with none of the benefits nor profits but bearing all the costs and risks. Over 90% of the speakers at the USDA NAIS listening sessions on youtube are telling why they oppose NAIS.

Corporate ag has used over $150 million of our tax dollars to push NAIS so they can tell their potential global market what a great food safety program we have here in the US. But how does my telling the government when and where I ride my horse insure the Japanese are eating safe American raised beef?

non-commercial livestock/pet/poultry owners are being treated exactly the same as commercial producers, which makes about as much sense as me, as a commercial construction contractor, requiring you, as a private home owner, to obtain a contractor's license, bond and liability insurance to change your own light bulb.