Friday, March 28, 2008

I Love Them!!!

she finally got them!! i asked for temptaions because eric and flynn siad i might like those. like them? no way, i LOVE them!!! these are the best things i've ever had. i couldn't stop eating them. mom let me gorge a little cause she was so happy to find a treat i like. she took them so i would have some for later. these are nothing like those nasty pounce play-doh textered globs of gross. crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside!! oh my goodness i am in treat heaven. she said i didn't have to share either!! we don't force sharing cause it should be a heart thing. i will share cause i want kira, pepper, tiger(we think he is a she), oswald, and mr. robinson to experience this magnificent snack. the best part is they have them in the nearest town. she goes there alot so i don't have to wait for her to go to "big town". plus she said they were only one dollar. they only have the chicken flavor though. she did say when she goes to big town she would pick me up another flavor so i don't get sick of them. she's so nice. plus then there will be plenty for all of us!! she didn't charge the camera so the pics aren't the best ones she could have taken. you'd think she would have been more prepared for such a joyous occasion. oh well i got them and that is all that matters! thanks eric and flynn!!

hmmmm, i wonder what this is?

yummy! pepper tried to get some but i was in the way.

oh these are so good. pepper decided to watch instead. you can see her feet.

it's blurred cause i bumped the bag with my nose to make more come out!

mmmmm......thanks mom, eric and flynn. these are the best!!

penelope the very satisfied cat


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

yummy temptations! aren't they fantastic? nom nom nom
i'm so glad you got to try them.
you're little kittens below are so cute. i'm glad they have you to take good care of them.

Animals with Opinions said...

so you like them too? i wonder if all cats like them? i bet they do. how could they not? yeah i like the kittens too. they are very nice. oswald has a really mellow personality. i get along with all the animals here. some of the other cats here have some attitude issues. thanks fur visiting.


Eric and Flynn said...

We're glad you like them Penelope. They are the best treats ever. You can get lots of different flavours in America, we think about 8, and now they are doing varieties with all natural ingredients. We can only get 3 flavours of the original here, but we love them. You can never have too many Temptations.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

I love temptation, I can't haf dem cuz dey has wheat in dem and dat gives me skwirty sad is dat. Eat a couple extra fur me!~Speedy

Parker said...

3 out of 4 of us love them! We think they are the best!

Animals with Opinions said...

yeah we have just one cat that won't eat them. my human got me salmon flavored and those were great too.