Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back to the Goat Farm

i went along but she didn't take any pictures of me. i couldn't believe it when we got home and she was loading the pics. i was not in any of them!!!!! she said she couldn't find me. i was sitting on a bench the entire time!! i don't think i should have to post any of the pictures since i am not in them but the human says i have to. i suppose i will since i like goats and all. plus ginger will be coming to live with us soon and i wouldn't want her mad at me. so here we go with the pictures i'm not in.

this is ginger. we are looking forward to her arrival.

here are the boer goats. i really like those. sadly they are considered meat goats and those babies will probably end up in someones freezer.

here are some of the girls. they are nice mostly. a couple have a bit of an attitude.

these are the new baby la mancha's. my human loves the chocolate one. i think she's nuts. goats need ears!

she insisted i post two pictures of the earless freaks!!

this little guy is named cowboy. the human likes him too. did i mention IT DOESN'T HAVE ANY EARS!!!!

so that was the latest visit to the farm. there were other pictures but i was sick of arguing with the human about which ones to post.

gerald the goat with ears

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