Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lost Acre Hobby Farm

the human and i have been building a website/store. ya see, she makes aprons and customizable pillows and i make chocolate caramels. she's been selling for awhile but now that we're getting goats (yippee!) and have the rabbits and chickens we're gonna need a place to advertise. i suggested she branch out more. the site isn't done but we definitely have some stuff listed. i'll be happier when those meat rabbits get to makin babies so we can have some decent food for a change. i heard something about eating the boy goats!! how dare she?! not on my watch you crazy murdering human!!!! so anyway go check it out and buy some of my caramels, they are divine!! i strongly suggest you go with the 2lb. special.
here are spiro the satin red buck and lylah the satin/new zealand mix doe. they were breeding.
this is "goat boy" the bottle baby nigerian dwarf goat. we're getting a nigerian dwarf doe named ginger soon. she has to be bred first and then we'll have babies in august sometime!

chocolate caramels being cut. yummy!

here are the chicks. alot of them are dual purpose. chicken dinner here i come!!

gerald the chicken eating, caramel making goat


Eric and Flynn said...

Your place looks like a good place furr us to visit.We have wild rabbits breeding here in the fields and the babies are very tasty,err sorry we should have said cute. The chickens look interesting too.We couldn't believe your human was thinking about eating the boy goats. Watch your back Gerald.
Good luck with your store.
Oh by the way, you said Penelope had a crush on us. One of us in particular?

Animals with Opinions said...

well she seems to have a crush on the both of you. it's okay to say bunnies are yummy. we plan on eating them too. plus the dogs catch rabbits and eat their heads. i'm sure come baby bunny season our cats will be bringing baby bunnies here to eat on the porch. i've set up motion sensors around my sleeping area in case the human gets hungry i'll wake up before she kills me. you would enjoy it here. penelope likes to play on the big round hay bales. all the cats play hide and go seek in that field cause there are lots of places to hide. thanks for your visit. penelope is outisde but when whe gets in i'll tell her you guys wrote.

gerald the cat loving goat