Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yummy Bunny!

here is another tasty treat we have living here. i bet she tastes yummy!! again, i was told i had to wait till butcher day! i'm tired of waiting. the human said i can't eat her anyway cause she'll be a breeder when she's old enough!! damnit! she is the perfect eating size! i'm so bloody tired of being told no all the time. they get all this live food and then say i can't have it, i have to wait!! the chickens are the perfect size for me. i'm gonna try to sneak in and get one. they will never notice! oh and my paw is pink cause i walked across wet paint.

me getting ready to smack bunny.

me looking at human asking "why?"



Eric and Flynn said...

Wow we can't believe how much news we missed. Our connection's been rubbish again and we had trouble getting online the last week or so. They've found the problem at last and done a temporary repair before they do major work on our line. Mum was telling them all along she was sure that's what it was, but would they listen?
Tell Gerald we're sorry to hear about his terrible accident and we hope he makes a full recovery. Having lady goats for company is sure to put an extra spring in his step.
Penelope we just can't believe your willpower. You're in the box with those baby chickens and they all survived? How do you do it?
We liked looking at the pictures of you with the baby deformed kitty. Don't worry about biting ears, we do that to each other when we want the nap spot that the other has got.
purrs furrom Reic and Flynn

Animals with Opinions said...

well my will power was strong because the human said no bunny heads or chicken if i hurt them now. plus she said they will get alot bigger which means more meat for me!! it's too bad you don't live here, i could share with you guys!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Awwwwwwww my Ma wants to rub your tummy and go worraworraworra.

Animals with Opinions said...

i love having my tummy rubbed. i especially like to lay there awhile and then attack your hand!! haha that's the best!