Saturday, February 23, 2008

Give a Kidney or You're a Jerk!!!

a COMPLETE stranger gave a kidney to an 8 year old girl. well that's very nice. except that the stranger is not a stranger because on the main page of every search engine they are named. now i'm a big fan of giving anonymously and i think that's the right way. it is even discussed in the bible as being the favorable way to give. but nowadays with oprahs pay it forward crap, or whatever that is, if you're not giving and telling everyone you know about it then you are a jerk!! you are stingy!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF, KEEPING BOTH YOUR KIDNEYS LIKE THAT!!!! i'm bloody tired of hearing about all this giving!!! sure it's a nice story but c'mon. sure giving money is nice, buying a poor family a car is nice (oh, hey, i need a truck, if anyone wants to give me one)but now the media is making this big fuss about giving away your organs!!!! well this guy is not gonna be guilted into giving up his parts! thanks i'll keep, em'. mine! i do think that if i want to sell my extra organs then i should be able to list them on ebay. capitalism at it's finest. yeah i know, i'm a jerk, but i can still have a cold brew when i feel like it. if you wanna be nice and give an organ, then hey, give away, but don't let it be all over the front pages that you did it.

gerald the organ keeping goat


Eric and Flynn said...

Hmm well I think we have to agree with you there Gerald.We donated our goody sacks when we were young and look where that left us! Errr you better not say anything to Penelope. We don't want her thinking we're lesser men because of it.
Would you give her our regards and tell her we enjoy her visits.
Purrs furrom Eric and Flynn

Animals with Opinions said...

i will tell her nothing. women don't need to know everything. they sure think they do. penelope speaks of you two often. she really likes the videos. she says it's almost like being there with you guys. hmmm i think she may have a crush!! don't tell her i said anything. sorry about your "goody sacks". i would harm whoever talked you into such nonsense.

gerald the fully intact, cat loving goat