Sunday, February 3, 2008

Meet the New Penelope!!

copyright kristin johnson 2/03/08
copyright kristin johnson 2/03/08

this is the new penelope. our humans owner named her penelope. the other penelope was named smoky or princess depending on whose house she was at. the great part about this penelope is that she is the old penelope's sister! same dad, same mom. she also has the exact same markings. our human asked for the old penelope from the owner but someone else took her away. boy were we mad! oh well i guess. she is nice but she is young and crazy!! i told the human i wasn't sure about putting her on here but she just won't listen. geesh!

gerald the questioning goat
on the second picture she has what eric and flynn call "laser eyes"


david mcmahon said...

I like the name Smoky!!

Saw your comment about creating links. HTML is now allowed in comments, so I'll find a way of showing you how to do this ....

Animals with Opinions said...

thanks david!

Monique said...

She is so cute! Smokey is just right for her.

I saw your comment in Dave mcMahon's blog about not knowing how to do a link and David is also trying to sort out how to set up a link for me.

Animals with Opinions said...

yes well i think smoky is a fine name too but it seems the humans are going with penelope. i just can't talk any sense into them.

gerald the frustrated goat

david is awfully nice to us animals

kk said...

was with her eyes? they look weird!! is this the same bloodline the twisted kitten is from? cuz you know they make zip locks her size too!!!

Animals with Opinions said...

you are a sick, sick person. it's from the flash you uneducated fool!!!

gerald the educated goat

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's like we're related. Penelope looks a great deal like me (Gandalf)! Naturally, we think she's stunning!

Animals with Opinions said...

why thank you very much. my human always says i'm cute but never stunning! thanks again.