Monday, February 18, 2008

I Stole the Van!!!!!

i had to show roadkill how to sit in a seat belt. he kept freaking out and getting tangled in it.
here i am driving.
more of me driving.
we had to put fuel in the van so the human wouldn't know we used the van.the guy at the booze store said this was fitting for us.

roadkill wanted this but i said no. bears sure do like sweet stuff.

here we are just playin around.this was the best shot. the guy wasn't gonna let us out!! i told him if he didn't i'd start opening the beer and drinking it.
this happened a long time ago. i found the pictures in a secret file the human doesn't know about. boy is she gonna be mad when she sees this. who cares? we had a great time. roadkill definitely needed to get out and i needed a drink!!!
gerald the van stealing goat


Yang said...

Gerald - Thanks for posting the pictures. I never realized what a cute ass you have until I saw the one of you driving.

Animals with Opinions said...

yeah, i do buns of steel to keep my rear in shape!!

Yang said...

Well, it's obviously working well for you. I have a few goat ladies here who are quite taken with your buns.

Animals with Opinions said...

woohoo!! i've been lookin for some girls!! that white one in your pic looks pretty.

gerald the single goat

Eric and Flynn said...

You can drive Gerald? We are impressed. We won't go anywhere near the car. The last time I went in the car, I, (Eric)was catnapped and taken to the V E T, and he tortured me by ripping three teeth right out of my mouth. He only sent me a postcard last week asking me if I would like to see him for a checkup. I destroyed the card!!
Say hello to Penelope for us. It was nice of her to come and visit.
Hey Buns of Steel, it looks like you could be getting a girlfriend.

Animals with Opinions said...

yes i can drive. i learned very quickly the day i stole the van! roadkill was very scared. good for you ripping up that postcard from the vet. i went once for a shot and will never go again. i hid the postcard he sent. shhhhh. i'll tell penelope hi, she sure does like you guys. i hope i'm getting a girlfriend. i need to start a family sometime! thanks for visiting guys! penelope will be thrilled!!

gerald the cat loving goat