Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Made Yogurt!

yummy yogurt!

i made yogurt! can you believe it? i couldn't either! it wasn't even hard to do. the waiting was the worst part. i was afraid to taste it so i had the other animals tie the human up and we crammed some in her gob. she said it was delicious! well i think that's what she said. maybe she said something about vengeance. hard to tell, she mumbles sometimes. we just ran off to go eat yogurt. we only made a small batch in case it didn't turn out. next we will make a huge batch!! oh it is soooo yummy. better than that crap you buy at the store. if i get requests i might post how to make it. yummy homemade yogurt for all!!!

gerald the yogurt making goat


Yang said...

Gerald - bring some of that yogurt when you visit.

Animals with Opinions said...

priscilla, i will bring you anything you want. just let me know and i'll have the human make it.

gerald the priscilla loving goat