Saturday, February 2, 2008

What's Going on Here?

what's with all the blue? where's all the stuff? my human has been here it seems. i almost like it. blue is a nice color i guess. apparently she's making changes. this is never good. she's gonna make us start attending meetings again and i bet it's gonna be about blog content and topics. hey i was just tryin to lighten things up for awhile. no we'll never see ourselves on authorblogs "post of the day" or "blog awards" but i don't have alot to work with. i told her it's election year and she said "don't bother". don't bother?!!! dirty money hillary is running and she said don't bother. a female is running and i'm not supposed to bother?! what is my human on? crazy pills obviously. well i do agree we need some changes. i suppose i can let moosey out of the closet. we have a new penelope so i guess we can introduce her. that one's crazy though. she never holds still for her photo and she is always busy attacking the other house animals. maybe if my human got off her fat ass i wouldn't have to make pies!!!

gerald the changing goat


david mcmahon said...

Mate, as the only goat who spent weeks on Authorblog's list of weekly best blogs, you're doing fine and yes, you have a chance of making post of the day too!!

I'm so glad you liked the limerick contest. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

Animals with Opinions said...
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Animals with Opinions said...

thanks david, it's hard doing this blog on my own. visitors are down, the other animal (moosey) is being a pain, and my human has had a serious attitude problem. oh well, i'll them back under my control eventually!!

gerald, the only goat who spent weeks on Authorblog's list of weekly best blogs

Eric and Flynn said...

You were on the list of best blogs? We're impressed.
The blue looks good to us. She could have made it girly pink and that wouldn't have been good.

Animals with Opinions said...

yeah i would have had to hurt her if she used pink. she said she did preview in pink just to see how bad it would look. yeah we were on the list of best blogs up until right after the flood. things just went downhill for us since penelope was lost. thanks for visiting guys!!

gerald the cat loving goat