Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Himalaymanx, Devonmaine Coon, Serensomali!!!

i couldn't resist! it really is just a matter of time before the cat breeders start this crap. though cat breeders are often even whackier than dog breeders i really see this happening in the near future. for sale, ragarussian, oh my gosh i think that's the best one i've come up with yet!!! hey penelope! what are you? hmmmmm lets see........ tonkirussian. hahahaahahaha. oh dear this isn't easy. the dog mixing is easy but this is a challenge!!!! plus we all know that penelope is a MUTT, a MIX, a product of cheap cats breeding!!!! oh man she is going to kill me!

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Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Gerald it's great to be back. We were all going crazy without the computer. We've just been reading about New Penelope and Old Penelope. Don't worry about NP being crazy, it's what us cats are best at. We were trying to decide what breed we could call ourselves, but it seems we have to make do with being good old fashioned farm moggies. Mum says we are spoilt moggies though, but that's just the way it should be. Humans are put on Earth to answer to our every whim.
We're glad your human only experimented with the pink and decided against it. It wouldn't have suited you!