Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dog Thievin!!

copyright kristin johnson 1/17/08
last night my human was at a store and mentioned the "basset hound missing" flyer to the cashier. my human told the lady that about six dogs have come up missing in their area. kinda fishy right? oh yes. apparently the cop handling the dog thievin case thinks the dogs were stolen for testing!! there are alot of others missing too. the neighbor down the road accused my human of stealing four yellow lab puppies. now look at the picture, does he look like FOUR six week old YELLOW labs? he tried to scare my human by saying he's a cop. (we think he's just a rent-a-cop at the casino) you should have seen his face when she revealed her dog!! my human told him that he doesn't need to come around accusin' her of stealing. plus she had talked to his wife a week before about the puppies. now why would she steal four puppies. especially since they live about a 3 minute walk away!!!! my human was mad. she still kind of is. plus the way we figure is that if you live in the country, leave your puppies outside free to roam, then yeah, your gonna be missing puppies. maybe we should have told him about predators. although i don't think you can tell that sort anything. they are calling their puppies pure labs. they aren't because the dad of the puppies isn't a lab. just cause you get puppies that look like labs doesn't make them pure lab. maybe we should send them a labrador breeding manual. i'm sure it must mention that the lab must be bred to another lab!!! geesh! i just don't get the humans sometimes.


see gerald, i can do this without being crazy

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