Thursday, October 11, 2007

Masculinity is Bad For You!

according to a time magazine article about stay-at-home dads (aka- i don't want to work), aaron rochlen, an associate professor at the university of texas, says "masculinity is bad for you." good news for men everywhere, right? now all you she-men can get out your pretty dress up clothes, watch the little mermaid, and dream about your man-princess. CREEPY!!!! now don't get me wrong here, i think fathers are a very important figure in a childs life. i don't think dad needs to stop being the bread winner. yeah i know women, "i'm a nothing without my precious career" but men need to wear the pants. it reminds me of a sliders episode. you know the one, hillary is president and the women run everything. i'd tell you the season and episode number but i'm too busy to look. anyway i can't see anything wrong with me killing dinner, drinking strong manly beer, and reminding my wife of her place from time to time. i am MAN after all. we aren't equal; just watch the olympics, and man care can never replace the mom care, unless of course mommy's a crack whore. when men start having the babies maybe we'll talk. masculinity bad...what a bunch of crap!

gerald the manly goat

she-man wants to know if he looks fat in that dress


Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Gerald. We're glad you're back. Will you really be our "Not of my species special friend"? It'll be great if you will. We have even done our best spelling furr you. We are members of the Cat Blogosphere and Karl and Anastasia from the Cat Realm set a challenge furr us all to make a new furrend. Oops sorry we seem to have had a little relapse wiv the spelling, but we're trying hard. Sadly Anastasia went missing in August and is thought to have gone over the Rainbow Bridge. You can find out about the challenge at:
We can't do much at the moment because our Beans are going away for 3 weeks tomorrow, but we'll come and visit again when they come home.

Animals with Opinions said...

we look forward to your visit!


Catmoves said...

It seems like there are opinions for everything.
If I'm secure in my masculinity, I'm told I need to become more "feminine".
If I'm insecure, I'm told I'm a "wuss" and need to change my atitude.
Sigh. I think I'll go have a beer and pizza.

Animals with Opinions said...

beer and pizza make everything clearer! i'll think i'll do the same while i ponder the dilema of what you said.

gerald the goat