Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back in White

Yes, thats right, i have returned from the depths of amish land; or at least it felt like that. the human bled alot, then a baby came but stayed at the hospital, then it came home, and then finally after seven months i matter. hmmmm, thinking i should have stayed the most important thing but i guess i'll get over it. anyhoo let me just find out whats going on with my friends, the world and everything in between and then i will resurect my greatness!!

gerald the fantastic goat

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Eric and Flynn said...

Great to see you back Gerald. We missed you.
Concats to the Human. We are glad to hear the baby is well now.
Actually, we did send you a Christmas card because you are on our list. Maybe the Man in Bloo Shorts liked it too much and wanted it.