Thursday, January 24, 2008

Energy Alternatives

yes i know, you think i'm going green. not to worry, i stand strong on my going brown campaign. i would like to "stick it" to the humans electric company though. yeah those guys. for five months they've been reading the meter and sending a bill, then the new bill came and it was over 1200 dollars!!! apparently they haven't been able to get an accurate reading. what the hell man!!!! yeah they decided not to tell anyone and just slip that bill in like the humans weren't gonna notice. the guy on the phone suggested that the bill had been really low as though the humans knew there was a problem with the meter. well had they known they would have called. the electric coop knew though. oh yes indeedy. they said the humans could work out payment arrangements. okay so now they have to pay the monthly bill plus pay off all the excess. let me say again, 5 MONTHS and they never did anything about THEIR meter. now i've always been under the impression the meters belong to the company making them their responsibility if their jacked up. customers aren't supposed to touch the meters ever!!! no one is denying the use of that much electricity. oh yeah ,we enjoyed every last cent of it and would have happily paid the bill every month. division figured it about 259 a month, though my human says she would have been more careful HAD SHE KNOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! so anyway i think they need to get off the grid. get some wind power or something. i know there's talk of having a well dug cause the county wants 2 grand to put a water meter in and that doesn't even connect it to the home. oh no kids, you have to hire someone else to do that part. some guy named paco i think. country life is starting to suck the humans dry. i informed the human i would be packing my belongings and getting the heck out of here if the power goes bye-bye!! she said good ridance!! dang she's crabby. there was also some talk of me riding a stationary bike to power a generator. hahahahahaha i don't bloody think so witch!!

gerald the energy wasting goat

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