Friday, January 25, 2008

That's It! I'm Moving Out!! Solar Oven My Ass!!

i caught my human online today looking at how to build a solar oven!! okay fine if she shuts the heat off during the day and keeps it low at night freezing everyone. that i can handle. building a solar oven is just crazy. i told her too. she's gonna kill us all!!! and who do you think is gonna have to use it? probably me!! i won't do it, i won't tolerate it and i surely won't eat anything from it!!! i'm going to kill her!! she has lost her mind!!! surely her owner won't tolerate such nonsense. i'm going to tell him as soon as he gets home. oh yes, that's right you crazy woman! i'm gonna watch out the window for him. i'll get to him first and tell him all about the dangers. he'll put her right. he's a sensible sort. we'll have a little man to goat talk. she'll be banned from the computer and locked away somewhere for certain. i'm already hiding anything she might decide to use.

gerald the solar hating goat

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Animals with Opinions said...

real good you solar hating furball!! he wants to see blueprints!!!! you just couldn't keep your furry mouth shut could you!! well i am gonna build it and the first thing i cook is you!!

your very angry human