Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Anniversary & Vacation

our humans' anniversary was saturday and they both forgot!! haha! our human thought that maybe he remembered and was waiting to see if she'd say anything, but not the case, he forgot too! oh, can you feel the love?!
my human informed me that we are on vacation. what? no one is going anywhere so i don't see the point. i think she's just too busy with the goats and such to pay attention to my needs. i plan to put a serious stop to this. penelope thinks it's a fine thing. well of course she does. what do cats do? they lay around. her life is a vacation. pampered with a bowl of food and water. i have to go out and find food. somehow i think this isn't right. the human should have to go out and pull food for me. there is grain but apparently since i'm not a girl in milk i don't get any. oh the injustice!!! i was going to find a new home but the human said i wouldn't be able to find a home with goats where bucks gets grain. maybe i'll have to start hanging with ginger during milking time. she gets a big bowl of food. i think i'm getting the short end of the stick here!
gerald the grain free goat


Eric and Flynn said...

That's not fair that you don't get grain Gerald. Have you thought about suing for sexual discrimination?

Animals with Opinions said...

hmmmm i hadn't thought of that. maybe i will though. i'm tired of the girls getting all the special treatment!!

gerald the discriminated goat

Eric and Flynn said...

Where are you? We want to see our Godkits.
We hope you are okay.