Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back With Lemon Pie Wisdom

our human finds wisdom in the strangest things. today she was making a lemon pie for her owner for his birthday. every year she says she'll make him one on his b-day and never has until this year. his mother always made him lemon pie on his b-day and this got my human thinking. has she really taken proper care of him all these years by not making him this pie that he has always had on this day. sure it's just a pie but perhaps it has more meaning than pie. his mother loved and cared for him and therefore made him what he wanted on his birthday. now sure that's a mothers love but shouldn't she also love and care for him the same way? well yes of course she should. having a son she thought about this more. when her son marries she wants his wife to take care of him and love him to no end. the pie is an extended expression of her love. it is an extra way of saying i love you so much i am going to continue this tradition for you. sure it's alot of work but in the long run and for years to come it is worth it. maybe people should treat their spouses the way they want their childrens spouses to treat them. maybe that goes beyond the "do unto others". afterall don't humans love their children more than themselves?

gerald the very sappy goat

who would just like to add that the husbands b-day was yesterday and she was a day late, haha

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