Tuesday, July 1, 2008

She's At It Again!!

sometimes living in this house is hell. my human is always trying to find ways to save money. her newest adventure involved making laundry soap and dishwasher soap. great, right? no it's not great! i had to make it! she said i need to start pulling my weight around here and it wouldn't kill me to help her out with some stuff. apparently my handsome presence isn't enough for her! so here i am making laundry soap. the grating was hell cause she only had a tiny grater. someone please send this woman a large grater. although my hooves did get a much needed trimming my legs were very tired and she wouldn't let me stop!! next i had to put the grated soap and the powders in a pan and boil till they dissolved. it's hot in here, the last thing i want to do is be close to a boiling pot! i even heard her say if i didn't stop complaining she'd push me in!!! unbelievable! today i'm getting a bath in the stuff cause i'm dirty. i am also the test subject to see if the stuff works. gee, couldn't she use the clothes? what if the stuff eats my fur off? or worse my beautiful horns. hopefully i'll post after my bath, unless i'm dead.

oh and it didn't gel up right and she blamed me! i just followed the recipe. the dishwasher soap worked really well though so she was pleased with that. she has me researching how to fix the laundry soap and i have until noon to find a solution. i don't know what happens at noon if i don't have one but i imagine she'll have me do more work. i might need a vacation after this.

gerald the soap making goat

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