Wednesday, July 16, 2008


my human is kid-sitting

sure they look cute and innocent don't they? see that little one in the front with those creepy blue eyes. well i am certain she is a terroist. i know, i know, she's just a little thing but she is pure evil!! it's true, i've seen her in action. now the big guy in the back isn't so bad except when the little girl is out and then it's like having ten toddlers in one room. they run, they jump, they eat magazines, they eat hair, and they chew on me too. i have got to take a vacation. it get's worse though. the kids need milk so my human said these two other goats could come over too. oh goody, more girls for me!! WRONG!! do you notice anything wrong with them?

THEY DON'T HAVE ANY EARS!!!! this is no accident folks. they are la manchas. my human didn't tell me they wouldn't have ears. when i went outside i started screaming and ran back in the house. i thought they'd been in some freak accident or some strange experiment. no, no, no. they are supposed to be that way!!! i must say i am afraid of them. my human said they are very nice and gentle but i'm not going near them. i can hardly look at them. in fact i'm not leaving the house until they are gone. this just isn't natural. even worse is my human is talking about maybe getting one next year. i told her, no way!! goats are supposed to have ears, the longer the better. i just can't understand why she would want those freaks living here.

gerald the eared goat

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Eric and Flynn said...

OMG!!! Gerald those earless goats do look weird. Not a patch on your handsome self. Thanks for posting the pics of the kits, they are cute. We hope they have all survived the house of death.
We thought we would never get back to doing many comments. First we lost our connection yet again, then we got locked in the garage so the Beans could go on holiday. When they came home, mum rang AOL to find out what had happened to her new router they were sending because we had been losing connection asthe modem wasn't working properly. They had forgotten to send it so they said they would do it right away. It arrived but we couldn't use it until they sent a network ID, so we went to sign on using a spare modem we had borrowed. Nope, nothing. Apparently they had put the line into migration and we couldn't use it until the we installed the router which we couldn't install until we got the ID. Aaaarghhhhhhh!!!!
At least they have reduced our monthly fee by £5 ($10)
Router is installed now and seems to be working okay.
Give Penelope our regards and maybe you could let her post a photo of herself.
Purrrrs Eric and Flynn