Sunday, August 3, 2008

The War on Obesity is Just a War Against Freedom

l.a. is banning any more fast food restaurants from opening in their poor communities. only poor people eat fast food i guess. i've always believed the government would start their control of the people with the military and then the poor. i think this just proves it. now i personally think this is very scary. no one seemed to even protest it. why? well the poor are probably on assistance and to go against the hand that feeds could cut them off. that's how they get ya. poor people are stupid, if they weren't they wouldn't be poor, right? the goal of this seems to be to get the poor and stupid to go to the grocery store or a sit down slow food restaurant to get food. hmmmm last time i checked applebees serves some pretty high calorie stuff as does about every sit down and stay kind of place. if you want an unhealthy meal you can get it at wendy's just as you can at any fancy place. they want more grocery stores to have land available to come to that area so people can buy more mac and cheese. i'm sorry but aside from this being just plain controlling it won't work. what are they gonna do if these poor, stupid people learn how to cook? well then they will have to go into the stores and ban everything that is considered bad by the health kooks. or the poor will be given a special mark so the stores know they can only by tofu and not a cake mix. other cities think this is a great idea and are planning to implement the same thing in their poor communities. again, no one thinks this is a bad idea which just suggests how dangerous our government and its people are becoming. remember how public schools started telling parents what their kids could and couldn't bring for lunch? well someone should have stopped that but no one did. it isn't anyones business if someone wants to be a fat ass. sure it ain't pretty but better to have a bunch of fat asses running around than the government telling us what we can and can't eat, right? you would think so. now my human is poor and stupid based off of all the charts and such. they only eat fast food a few times a year cause they can't afford it. what was that? THEY CAN'T AFFORD IT!!! so maybe the middle and upper class should be the ones banned from fast food. there are plenty of fat rich people out there. i mean lets keep things equal. that's what this country is all about right? honestly even if my human could afford to eat out all the time she wouldn't because the kids would rebel and kill her. why? well they like homemade food better. if given the choice between froot loops or eggs, toast, and oatmeal the kids will always pick the eggs, toast, and oatmeal. so based off of this not all poor people are food giants that only eat bad fast food. in fact alot of poor people eat real food all the time because it is cheaper than eating out. so fat people, fight for your grease so that the rest of us can have it too!

gerald the poor healthy goat


Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Gerald, first of all we hope Penelope and her kits are doing well.
Secondly, it is just the same here in the UK. Every day there are more and more rules coming out telling us what we can and can't do. It's all about control and making money from the ordinary people.They give lists of what food we should eat and what will kill us. Lack of breath will kill us all in the end anyway.The latest is that they want to fine people for putting too much rubbish in their bins. If the lid is just one inch open they can fine you up to $220. The rubbish was once collected every week, now it is only every two weeks. Then the government wonders why the fly tipping problem is going up.
The sooner they get rid of this government the better, but what's the alternative? They are all the same, they just dress it up differently.
Pheww our paws are worn out now. Mum said we had to right what she dictated.
Today is NOMSS Friend Day. We forgot about it, but we are going to put a short post up now and we'll link back to you as you are our Not Of My Species Special Friend.
Oh and can you say concatyoolayshuns to Penelope for us. Thanks.

Eric and Flynn said...

Why don't we check what we write before we publish? It should have been, 'Mum said we had to WRITE what she dictated.'

Animals with Opinions said...

that's just crazy. i can see the garbage guys out there with rulers shaking their heads at the gap on the lid!! you are right indeed about the government being the same just dressed up a bit differently. glad to know you guys deal with this crap too. my human always dictates to me when she wants me to say stuff. they sure are bossy sometimes. it's no wonder we have so many typos. you should try typing with hooves! penelope is doing great as are her kitties. she must have super milk or something cause they are sooo fat! she has her girlish figure back already to so they must have sucked all the fat out of her too. it's an honor to be a not of your species special friend! thanks!

gerald the majestic goat