Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're Not Leaving

well it wasn't pretty, but i won! i convinced my human, using much violence, that we would be keeping the internet and phone. god gave me these horns and big hard hooves for a reason. my human has learned this reason and won't be giving me any trouble for some time. i don't usually choose violence but i was tired of her crap! the thought of being here without a connection to the outside world was too much for me and i snapped. don't worry though, she'll be fine. but really does anyone care about my human? no, it's all about me. the only time she even posts is when she is threatening me. i guess the point here is that i win!


Eric and Flynn said...

Good work Gerald. We didn't want you to leave. Sometimes you have to use violence to make the humans see sense. It's amazing what you can do with freshly sharpened claws.

Animals with Opinions said...

hahaha or a freshly trimmed hoof!!