Friday, August 22, 2008

Fierce Killer

it's official, my human is a fierce killer. she decided to butcher one of the rabbits. now she has never done this before but said she needed the practice. don't they make fake rabbits for this? guess not. so out she went with her tools of cutting. i watched from the window as i was afraid she might decide a goat would be a better practice animal. it was disgusting!!! she cut the head off and tossed the bloody thing to the dog. just picture a bloody rabbit head flying through the air. she doesn't have an axe so someone please send her an axe so it doesn't take so long to get the head off. oh don't worry the rabbit was already dead during this part. maybe a really sharp butcher knife would work. yeah send her one of those. so anyway the head is off and bunny is hung to bleed out. she came in and sat down during this part. i looked for signs that she was crazy but she seemed rather calm. maybe that's the craziness. i don't have a problem with her doing this, i'm just afraid she will move on to bigger things. anyway she went back out to finish the job. it took forever it seems for her to skin it. of course her sick little kids wanted to help. aren't little girls supposed to be squeamish? not these two. her 4yr old loved it. i think she is the one i need watch out for. anyway she got it skinned and next came the gutting. did i mention she has no idea what she is doing. well the kids wanted to know what everything was so she stood there going over the parts. i didn't know rabbits had so many guts! nasty. i saw my human step away at one point. i think she was going to puke. then she started cutting and pulling and then it was done. she sent in a kid to tell her owner she was coming in with the carcass so he would be warned. then she came in and washed it, tossed it in a pan of salt water and put it in the fridge. in the meantime the girls were running around outside with rabbit fur. at least they washed their hands. so i guess we're having roast rabbit for dinner tonight. maybe i shouldn't have watched. i wanted to take pics but my human said no cause she probably didn't cut the legs right and doesn't want the whole world to see it. she did seem to be on some sort of high and said she wondered if hunting was as great. a high from killing? i think i should be concerned. i heard her say she can't wait to do the next one and then a goat!!!! nooooooooooooo! can't she just stick with rabbits? well she will need a bigger setup than she has right now to be able to do a goat so i have some time. i suppose there is one good thing to come from all of this.........if the world ever goes to crap then at least i know the human can feed us. yep we'll be eating rabbit, duck, chicken, and goat while everyone else is starving! ya know people pay high prices to eat duck and rabbit at a restaurant and here i am eating it for free. well no duck yet but i heard them talking about one for christmas if the ducks lay eggs in time. so i guess living with poor people isn't so bad.


The Cat Realm said...

I Dare You!
Yes, it is time again for another challenge from The Cat Realm! Come and check out the details on our blog.
I hope you will accept the challenge and will eagerly await your entry!
(My maid did not allow me to read the post - she is a 'vegetarian' out of ethical reasons. Whatever that is. I eat meat. Lots of it.)

Animals with Opinions said...

too bad you couldn't read the post. too bad you couldn't have tried some it was yummy. penelope loved it too.