Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yummy Bunny

i wish i had pictures. my human ended up killing another one yesterday cause she decided one rabbit wouldn't feed everyone. she did much better at butchering that one. i figured out what is making her gag. it's the guts. they kind of stink. anyway the two buns were roasted with bacon on them. they came out tender and good. i didn't know they were white meat. pretty neat. even the legs were white. i understand why people pay so much for rabbit dinner now. so i guess that is the first and only success here at the hobby farm of death. for those of you who have tried wild rabbit and did not like it then you should try the home raised kind.
gerald the rabbit eating goat


Eric and Flynn said...

We have never had cooked rabbit, but raw is very good. We don't think our mum could kill them, she would have to leave it to us.The only thing our mum has killed was a snake when Flynn brought it back from the fields. She battered it over the head with a 14lb sledge hammer. Slight overkill don't you think. Our dad shoots rabbits because they keep coming in the garden eating the vegetables. They can't get in so easily now since The Fence was put up.
We agree about the innards stinking. Mum says she can always smell when we have had a rabbit.

Animals with Opinions said...

i had some raw rabbit when one of the dogs got one. pretty good. gerald won't eat raw meat. he really doesn't know what he is missing. a 14lb sledge hammer? that's funny. we've only had two snakes that we've seen. the guard dog found one and the human decapitated it with a shovel. then one night my human and the 4yr. old were out at night checking animals and a big black snake was in the yard. it was gone before they could kill it though. my human doesn't like snakes at all. i like to play with them.