Thursday, September 18, 2008

Of Mice and Moles

our human doesn't really have a problem with mice. she expects that living in the country there will be mice on occasion that get in. the first one was spotted in the bedroom and then one was peaking out at her from behind the stove. she can hear them scurry around in the vents. the cats can hear them too. penelope had spent two days in the kitchen staring under the stove only to have a kitten catch the thing. the humans owner was very proud of the kitten. i think penelope was a little ticked about it though. some cat also caught the other one but the only evidence was a little tail laying on the floor. the humans four year old promptly picked it up and began chasing the other children around the house with it. strange kid and yes she washed her hands when she was done making the girls scream. did i say the kid was strange. she must get it from our human. our human was a sick little kid too. when her sisters parakeet died it was placed in a paper bag. my human grabbed that bag and chased her older sister around the house with it. so mental illness is genetic. anyway back to the mice and moles. well penelope was so put out about not catching mice inside that she went out and got one. brought it in with her when she came back. it didn't stop there though. she must have found a nest outside or something because the other cats started sneaking them in. little tiny mice. some were dead but a couple weren't!! well no big deal cause if there aren't any mice outside then they can't sneak in when it's cold out. lastnight the cats came in. my human was sewing and kept hearing a squeaking. the cats were in a group by the door. one moved and there was a large grayish thing flopping around on the floor. what the heck is that? rat? baby bunny? oh no, it was a mole!!! cute fat little thing but we can't have live moles in the house. the humans owner put it in a jar and tossed it outside. the dog got it. i think the cats were a little mad that their toy was taken away. my human had never seen a real mole except the ones eric and flynn catch and show on their blog. at least it wasn't a rat or a snake.
gerald the majestic goat

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