Friday, December 4, 2009


so in the last year, oh lets not update all that. right now we are living in town. the goats are at a friends of our humans and their is a big court mess going on about the country house. someone didn't do the wiring right and all the power went away. so for now i have to live in a neighborhood. i don't like it at all. there are only three rabbits left, one dog, and one cat. hmmm maybe she will take penelopes place. so thats pretty much it. in january the humans are going to look for a new place. my human goes and visits her goats on weekends but is sad about it. she really misses them and the ducks and chickens. they tried to move the birds but they went out to old property and everything was missing. can't talk about what happened on here but not cool at all. so i will reorganize and get this all going again.

gerald the neighborhood goat


Eric and Flynn said...

Gerald!!! We missed you and are glad to see you back again. We are sorry to hear there is bad stuff going on at the moment and hope it works out okay. What happened to Penelope?

Animals with Opinions said...

penelope was left at the other place cause in the new place they can't have animals. human was going out to check on things twice a day but one day she went out and someone(evil man) had opened a window releasing the dogs. all the chickens were gone and the dog left was acting really weird. then human called and called but penelope didn't come. we think whatever happened scared her and she ran far away. thats when human grabbed snowy and tiger. snowy gets to stay here, mostly outside, and tiger went where the goats are. i hope penelope found a nice place or is living wild. human said if she ever sees her out there, she calls everytime she goes, then she will bring her out here.

gerald the penelope missing goat

Eric and Flynn said...

That is awful! We are really sorry to hear that and hope Penelope is okay wherever she ended up. Why do people have to do things like that? Do they get some sort of perverted pleasure in causing unhappiness to others?
Silly question really. Of course they get pleasure out of it or they wouldn't bother.Hope he gets his comeuppance.

Animals with Opinions said...

we all hope the evil man gets his. you wouldn't believe it if i told how evil he was. im not gonna stoop that low.

gerald the tall goat