Thursday, December 31, 2009

Humans Are Not Very Bright!

this morning my human decided to pour boiling water over her hand. WHY?? now she is in pain with a weeping hand and whining the whole way!! someone tape her mouth shut. i have never known anyone as accident prone as her.
gerald the safe goat


THE ZOO said...

owr bean sissy did that on boff hands. she poured tha water ofur one hand then stupidly tried ta catch tha noodles from tha floor and poured it offur tha offur hand too. beanz are crazzy.

We wish yall a Happy New Year.

Animals with Opinions said...

well im glad to hear im not the only one that has to put up this. when my human tried to put cold water on it the hot water had just been on so the cold came out hot first. duh! oh well maybe she will learn something but i doubt it.

happy new year to you too!!

Eric and Flynn said...

Happy New Year Gerald. We hope it is a lot better than last year for you and your humans. We are sorry to hear about her hand and all the other problems she's been getting. We hope she soon feels better.
Hey! We had an idea. Maybe you could be Gerald the Compassionate Goat. That would cheer her up.