Thursday, August 19, 2010

Arse Words

when out with my human i sometimes still see this dreadful style and it got me thinking about the problem the pants can cause. see, as a male when i see a girl wearing these hideous things i get nasty looks from people around me and the girl cause well, im looking at her arse. now you can't tell me that when she picked them out she didn't realize that she has a word on her arse. what do we do with words? we read them, even if they are on your arse, can't help it, my brain wants to read. reading makes me a pervert apparently. sure okay. im more concerned about the person that needs their arse read by all. i especially worry when the pants say" juicy". if you have a juicy arse you might wanna seek out your medicine chest. gross. so see i don't find you appealing when i read your arse. i think i find it scary especially on five year olds. mom, dad, do you really want everyone in town looking at your little girls arse???? just wondering. i'm not even gonna talk about the 300lb and over people wearing their "juicy" pants. so thats my thoughts today. arse words.
gerald the arse reading goat
(but its not because i like you)


Eric and Flynn said...

Don't worry Gerald, we haven't got anything written on our arses, and neither had mum the last time we looked.

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Dear Gerald,
I love it when you just tell it like it is. No holds barred. You have a way with words. Unfortunately, I do have a pair of capri sweats that say "Canada" on the arse. But I'm Canadian, so it's allowed. I do hope you won't hold it against me. Other than that, I haven't got any arse words. Especially not Juicy.
Missed you Gerald!

Animals with Opinions said...

ha! canada! well canadians say rubbish(at least the ones i've met) so i suppose i will look the other way.

gerald the arse reading goat

Animals with Opinions said...
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A. Christensen Johnson said...

I'm waiting to see a pair of these that say, "THIS SPACE FOR RENT," or "YOUR AD HERE."