Friday, September 10, 2010

Fiber, A Wooly Epidemic

first the human wanted to spin wool. then for some reason she wanted to try needle felting. now there is fiber showing up here almost daily it seems. first off she ordered colored fiber. then she learned how to take care of raw fiber. discovering this saves her money she buys it raw. this is where things went wrong. she likes, no she loves, this stuff in its natural state. she says you can't reproduce this beauty. so now there is all this raw wool around the place. i can't take two steps without running into a box or baggie of this stuff. now im all for hobbies but collecting animal hair is a bit weird. next it will be human hair, then human parts. i really don't know what to do about her. she needle felted a SHEEP on a t-shirt!!! she said she didn't do a goat cause it was a test thing and sheep are quick. like i believe that. she hasn't felted any goats but there are little sheep bodies in her "fiber tub", oh and a cat. a tuxedo cat in fact. she has spent over a month working on it. craziness. so i think im going to create FLA, Fiber Lovers Annonymous. surely there are others out there living with these oddities.
gerald the fiber free goat
oh i almost forgot, this is all claires fault. she lives at whispering acres but i don't think there is much whispering going on or my human would not have all this fluff everywhere!!


Eric and Flynn said...

We've missed you Gerald! We don't know anything about felting and fiber but we notice you said she is collecting animal hair. Be careful you don't wake up naked and shivering with the cold one morning! She probably put the sheep on the T shirt because she wants to get it perfect before she does a goat to do you full justice. Is your human going to let us see her sheep tshirt?

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Oh Gerald, it is NOT all my fault. Your human has a natural affinity to fiber and I did not cause that. It was bound to happen. You need to embrace it. You could end up with some really sexy angora goat girls as a result. I mean really, what is there to complain about? Pffft....