Thursday, September 30, 2010

Snowys Kitten

awhile back snowy had some kids. the human kept the one that looked like her. sounds a little prejudice to me. the others were striped and black. i think the human has something against stripes. anyway this kitten is named zebra cake. i know, i know. origionally one of the human kids named it angel cake then changed it to something else like melody. that didn't work out either. so one night the humans owner called it zebra cake and that just stuck. poor thing. she's nice enough at least, despite how cranky she looks in the picture. i think she had just woke up.

here she is sleeping with her mum. while i may sound like a softy, i happen to think this picture is cute. yes i said cute. shhh!! tell no one i had a weak moment!!

gerald the sometimes sentimental goat


Eric and Flynn said...

There is nothing wrong with being sentimental sometimes Gerald. She is very pretty, and so is mum Snowy. Have you had any more problems with those terrorist sheep lately?

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Gerald. Get over it. Cats are useless. They can't even be sheared and spun. Get sheep. Or angora goats. Whatever...