Saturday, May 26, 2007

From The Desk of Col. Angus

Honestly, son, don't you think it's a little insensitive to bring up an issue like cock fighting on Memorial Day weekend? Think of all the brave cocks and hens that are bravely serving....uh, I mean being served in Iraq and Afghanistan this very second. Don't think that we foul don't know about sacrifice...why, every morning a hen has to loose one of her young to an insurgent's omelet! Yes, sir, we cocks know a thing or two about combat, and I, as a retired officer, take umbrage at your trivialization of such a noble cock tradition. We are proudly known in South Carolina as "The Fighting Cocks," and I don't give a cluck about anyone who says we can't. We can, sir, and will, as long as this country is free and my name is Col. Angus! Gerald and Penelope, thank y'all so much for lettin' me put my two cents for that commie-lovin' moose, well...he ruffles my feathers. BuGOCK!

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