Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Montel & Bald Eagle Omelets

let me say first i have a dislike for this man. sure he tries to do nice things but he believes in sylvia browns psychic mumbo jumbo gumbo. yes i said gumbo. i got a bit carried away with the "umbo". ok back on topic. montel right? ok, yesterday his show was about teen girls dumping their fresh born babies. now, excluding moosey, we animals are pro life, all the way, no exceptions. with that said i don't see why people freak out when these girls do this. in a country that treats abortion like a sport, you know, "real women get abortions ", why does anyone care if the wee babe ended up in the neighbors trash? had she aborted it we would have high fived. woohoo! abortion rules! now the girl that stabbed her baby 135 times was obviously sick but whats the difference between frying baby with saline in the womb and walking away from the trash? huh? huh? it's right up there with getting charged with a double murder cause the lady you kill is prego. since abortion is legal then her child doesn't technically exist, right? RIGHT!!! however if i want a bald eagle omelet for breakfast i will be jailed for killing a baby bird. but it was still in the egg man, it was yolk. i don't know if the bald eagle is even still protected nor do i care. the point i'm having obvious trouble making is there seems to be alot of double standards or something. i know, i know once the fetus is released outside of the womb it magically turns into a baby before your very eyes! then it is a crime to do magic baby harm. sounds like some more gumbo to me. i can't get the bald eagle omelet out of my head. add a little ham and cheese......yum. hmmmmm i think there is some sort of bald eagle paradise here in okiehoma. just two eggs, i promise.

gerald the bald eagle omelet eating goat

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