Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Going Green (aka going crazy)

Go green! i'm so tired of hearing about going green. i'm starting the "go brown" crusade. don't get me wrong, i don't think littering is good or dumping hazardous waste in ponds should be a sport. i do think the "go green" agenda is all about money. all the stuff they want you to change would cost a fortune for the normal animal to implement. sure watering your lawn with gray water sounds neat but you can't do it if you use oh i don't know, tide, joy, dial, downy etc. nooooo you have to buy the expensive stuff that won't hurt the grass. i watched an hour of green on pbs over the weekend and when i got done hearing about thanking mother earth i felt the need to take a very long hot shower, wash a load of whites on hot with lots of bleach, and kick mother earth in the arse! hey i'd love solar panels, not to save the earth, but to cut down on my bills. but quite honestly i just don't have the green to invest. i don't have central h/a so i guess i'm helping a cat or something somewhere. oh wait i negate that by running forty fans and a very, very old window a/c in the summer. did you hear that? i think i just heard a tree hugging, mother earth fanatic start to cry. maybe i can be charged with crimes against nature. i can be called an enviromental terrorist. maybe even rosie will talk about me on the view!

gerald the mother earth hating goat

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