Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sad Goodbyes

well not this one. i am so glad that rosie is gone!! i don't have to take my blood pressure medicine anymore and my fur is growing back. i did watch the view from time to time and i think the best thing they could do is CANCEL it. cry, liberal feminist psychos, cry!!! well honestly lets skip the liberal thing. anyone promoting that show either wants socialism or communism. my guess is rosie never went to history class. well i did and i know for a fact when she says "AMERICA!!!!THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD" she is mad that america exists at all the way it does. what rosie wants is socialism. to her i say MOVE!!! for all of us rosie, move! and take your wife with you and go live with all those terrorists and see how long you last. you say we're all equal right? well i don't think it's gonna work out for ya anywhere. oh wait you donate, right? and anyone else that has money should too right? well you socialist psycho *********************(if i don't say it no one can bitch) . lets say i lay around all day and never do a damn thing butyou work your arse off..........guess what? half of what you made is mine. i didn't do anything but i'm entitled right. in daycare i was forced to share so i'm entitiled to ANYTHING i want even though i've never done anything. hey rosie i need a car so i'm just gonna use yours. hey rosie i need food, well you have to share so give me yours. it's my turn to eat!!!! boo freakin hoo i'm gonna tell my mommy you won't SHARE!!!!!!

gerald is suddenly too pissed to continue


Anonymous said...

Rosie O' Dumass has finally flown the coop! Hurray! I wonder which morning program she will infect next? Perhaps a Soap Opera? "As The Stomach Turns..." HeeHee!

Animals with Opinions said...

no daytime drama for her. well not on the abc, cbs, or nbc. maybe showtime or hbo. better yet her own station all about gay cruises!