Wednesday, June 6, 2007


with all of the media craze about paris hilton going to prison i just couldn't resist the urge to say something. i keep hearing about how awful prison is and poor hilton that she is going there but she's getting special treatment so it won't be as bad as it could be(i think that was my best run on sent. yet) the media keeps talking about prison being "awful" as though it shouldn't be that way. how dare we send criminals to that awful place! especially stars, how will they ever survive. grrrrrrrrrr. who bloody cares?! hell send her, all of them, to gitmo. scratch that, they get treated pretty good there too. oh wait i have an idea!!! let's treat all criminals like criminals despite their social status. and lets make prison a truly horrible place. no cable, no free education, no good food, no gym, confinement in your cell except for the hour a day to go in the dog run, and no email!! oops i forgot one, manual labor! let them do all the jobs the illegal immigrants are doing, only the prisoners will be free labor. i bet the price of some things would go down quite a bit. plus if illegals can't find work then why come here. better yet arrest them on the spot, chain em to the other prisoners and make him work for nothing too. crime and PUNISHMENT!!!! i mean c'mon some guy robbed a bank so he could go to the big house. what does that say about prison? it's better in there than out here? well sure if you want to meet a star, get a massage and a free education.

back after her long vacation

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