Thursday, June 28, 2007

I've Got Fleas!!!!

when i got out of rehab our human said i could stay with them. well, the kids were driving me crazy so i said i was stepping outside for some fresh air. our human said not to cause it was raining; i would get wet and stink. me stink? never! so i went out anyway, got wet, and when i tried to go back in the house she wouldn't let me in. something about muddy hooves and smelling like a horses bum. she said i had to stay outside until i was dry and smelt better. I'VE BEEN OUTSIDE FOR FOUR DAYS!!!! i can't dry when it never stops raining. yesterday i started itching. penelope had a look at me and said i've got fleas. now i'm stuck outside till the human gets me something for the fleas. she said i could sleep in the shed if i got scared on the porch. sleep in a shed?! i don't think so. now penelopes kids are driving me crazy. is there no end to this hell?


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