Thursday, June 21, 2007

Health care for all, and to all an expensive pizza!!

what does a pricy pizza have to do with socialized healthcare? if we decide to become socialists then the price of EVERYTHING will go up. but that's okay in three years i can have my broken leg taken care of by a physician of michael moore's choosing. i agree insurance companies are jerks but turning our republic into the demoncrats haven is not the solution. do i have a solution? sort of. stop getting insurance. put them out of business. power of the people, not power of the government. do you really think your government gives a rats ass about your cancer when your 70? heck no! they will let it eat you alive. yeah your insurance company might do the same thing but at least you get to die knowing it wasn't hillary, or that osama obama bobama guy, who did you in. you poor poor people, only your all powerful government can save you. conform or die. you boneheads. we rank 37 on the healthcare crap list sooooooooo all of you who want healthcare and expensive pizza can pick a country, 1-36, denounce your american citizenship, and get out. oh and take rosy o'scary with you. oh and to correct that michael bore guy who said we don't pay for schools and fire departments well he obviously doesn't know where his tax dollars go! maybe he isn't even paying taxes. so i leave you with my goat rant. i will go set the bone in my leg and dip gauze in plaster of paris for my cast. i'm sure i can find some wild plants to chew on for the pain.

gerald "his own doctor"

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Catmoves said...

I liked this post,Gerald. We've become dependant on a layered government that hides from the people. Until we wake up and vote all office holders out of power, it looks bad for the ideas of our founding fathers.