Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hello Ethanol, Goodbye Food! (aka china help us we're starving)

not too long ago, at our sunday meeting with the human, i had expressed a concern that using ethanol might raise the prices of things. less corn for feed means more expensive meat, etc. so we are basically going to be filling our cars with what would have been our eventual food. a couple weeks after i mentioned that, the world news was stating just that. everything has gone up. i thought the atkins era was bad. just wait and see what's coming. can you just imagine using every corn crop for fuel. we'll have to go begging china for food. "china help us. we got so caught up in saving the planet we forgot about saving ourselves. we don't care if everything you give us is contaminated. just please feed us." news headlines will read, "Famine in America", "China Feeds America, Millions Die", "Death Tolls Rise After Ethanol Scam", "Earth Loving Fools Destroy U.S." okay i'll stop. seriously though, DRILL FOR OIL!!!! the earth made it for us to put in our cars. drill everywhere there is oil. we don't have an oil addiction, we have an idiot addiction. tell all those stupid hippies to pack up their dawn dish soap, head to the beaches, and just wait for the greasy animals to wash up. yes that's right! WE'RE USING OUR NATURAL FREAKIN RESOURCES!!!!! FOSSIL FREAKIN FUELS BABY!!! HELL YEAH! when we're done we'll toast with glasses full of oil. hey PETA!! oil tastes like sweet success, oh and ya missed a spot on that seagull over there.

gerald the oily goat

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